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Exotic Indoor Plants

Give your workplace a unique, customized appearance with indoor plants from Plant Services. Our company chooses a variety of plants that take your light, airflow, traffic patterns, humidity, décor, personal tastes, and budget into consideration. You don't have to limit the look of your workplace to standards, like peace lilies, ficus trees, and corn plants.  We offer more than "a plant in a pot in the corner" when it comes to our instillations.  Each of our instillations are truly one of a kind.



Appealing Designs

Well-placed plants speak volumes about a company's success. From malls to bank branches to homes, our design team determines your objective and provides you with workable solutions. Our easy-to-understand proposals outline plant and planter selection, placement and size, options for purchase and lease, and prices for each component.  Let us show you how the use of foliage with flair can make as much of an impact on your office or home decor as furniture or art at a fraction of the cost. 


A wide variety of planters are available to accent your decor.  You will be able to choose the style that suits your needs. 


Fast Installations

Upon approval of your design, your installation is scheduled in as little as 1-10 working days. Professional installations include liners to assure water doesn't leak onto your floor or furnishings and top dressing that covers grow pots to give the plant a finished look.

Occasionally a client approves a plant, but when it arrives it isn't quite what they pictured. We are happy to switch out your plant for another selection.

Special Events

Spruce up your short-term event with plants from Plant Services. Give us a call to discuss your needs for the event. Our company provides you with a proposal to outline how our plants can enhance your event. We deliver, set up, and pick up the plants in decorative containers for a wide variety of events, including:

• Conventions & Booths 
• Parties
• Corporate Functions
• Weddings
• Open Houses 
• Model Homes
• Openings
• Photo Shoots


Plant Sales

A used plant sale is held on the second Saturday of every month from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. These events are always open to the public. Stop by our warehouse for great bargains on high-quality used plants.

Contact us to decorate your space with plants and containers that match your environment and design scheme.