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Keep your plants looking great with the foliage maintenance program from Plant Services. This service includes watering, dusting, pruning, foliage removal, fertilizing, pest control, and adding spanish moss to cover grow pots.

Beautiful Foliage Guaranteed

Poor light, seasonal temperature fluctuations, low humidity, poor water quality, and the occasional client intervention all contribute to a plant's demise. With our guaranteed maintenance program, you'll never see another dead or dying plant. Our technicians make immediate decisions about when a plant needs to be replaced, so your plants always look as exceptional as the day they were installed.  Our gurantee covers plants that are purchased or leased.

Color Rotation

Enjoy constant variety when it comes to your plants. Lobbies and other high-traffic areas are ideal places to accent with seasonal flowers. We offer bromeliads, orchids, and seasonal plant selections on an as-needed basis. Enjoy plant options that last from one to three months and meet your budget requirements. Let Plant Services bring in plants that change the look and color scheme of your lobby for the seasons. This is a less expensive alternative to cut flowers that only last for a week.


Lease or Purchase

In all of our proposals we provide two options.  Plants and containers can be purchased or leased.  Upon approval our service guarantees all plants for the life of the contract. 



Bromeliad - Foliage Maintenance
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